• Ghaleb BENCHEIKH: Islamologist, chairman of the World Conference of Religions for Peace, chairman of the Foundation of Islam of France, General Secretary of the association
  • Thierry DEAU: CEO of Meridiam, President of the association
  • BénédicteFAIVRE-TAVIGNOT: Executive Director of the Society & Organizations Centre, HEC Business School
  • Bertrand GALICHON: Doctor, hospital practitioner, emergency service at Lariboisière Hospital
  • Philippe HERZOG: Chairman and founder of Confrontations Europe
  • Laurence HYVERNAT: Independent consultant for solidarity associations
  • Ron IVEY: President of Rembrandt Collective
  • Rafe JABARI: Researcher in Sciences Po Paris
  • Martine PICK LAKSHMANAN: Entrepreneur-Founder-CEO of Camae and Happy Hour Escape Game
  • Pierre-Yves PLAT: Pianist, composer, interpreter
  • Dominique POTIER: Farmer, socialist deputy for Meurthe-et-Moselle, founder of Esprit Civique
  • Thierry SIBIEUDE: Holder of the Social Entrepreneurship Chair – ESSEC France, Director of ESSEC Africa
  • Laurence TÂCU: Director of L’Herne editions 
  • Nathalie VALLET-RENART: Co-founder of Entreprise et Cancer

The members of the Board of Directors are elected from among the associate members of the association.

The exercise of power, the organisation of elected governance and the equal weight given to the voice of each adhering member ensure power sharing, democratic decision-making and fair practices.