How we work

To meet the great challenges of our time, UP for Humanness offers an original approach: the SERVE, INSPIRE, RESEARCH method.

The « Cultures & Economic Development » research group, in February 2018.

On each of the axes of reflection, we invite the different actors to network and compare their experiences at the local and international levels and to experience for themselves – and together – the three dimensions of human action that are service, times of inspiration and research, through :

  • days of immersion and service in partner associations so that the meeting with fragile people helps each one to develop in his or her relationship with the other and with difference.
  • times of sharing and interiority to be inspired, called « Sparks ». An experience that shifts the focus to music, texts from the great cultural and spiritual traditions or literature.
  • conferences and research groups to analyse and understand, without fear of our differences, the issues involved in a complex issue and propose new practices and policies.
Spark at the Clubhouse Paris, December 31, 2018.