Our mission, our values

Our conviction is that in a complex and evolving period as the one we are experiencing nowadays, humanity is the resource to build the future.

In this context, our mission is to raise awareness about our responsability to others and especially those who are excluded from society, intervening in social action and research with a unique and original method: Serve, Inspire, Search.

Our values


Welcome each and everyone the way he is as subject and actor of his own life and involved on the civil society; welcome the great changes taking place in the world so they can be in the service of humanity.


Recognise the diversity of human beings, of experiences, of talents, of life circumstances as treasures of humanity.


Developing responsability of each individual and that of organisations to others to transform our society and make it more human.


Creating the conditions for meeting, relationship, sharing with friendliness.


Freeing up possibilities, energies, initiatives, commitment through an original method and actions.


Feel the joy of working with others on a mission that is beyond our control.