Our history

UP for Humanness was born in 2016 from the meeting of people seeking an answer to the question: how can we build a more humane world?

Experience has taught us that there are many inspiring initiatives. They highlight the diversity of human experiences. We perceived the need to bring them together to give them more effectiveness and influence.

The opening of the world and the rapid development of technology are creating a change of era. The ecological crisis and exclusion are not two more problems. These are valuable warning signals. Everyone’s life is transformed. The meaning of society is questioned.

The search for self-development, which has been the driving force behind our individual and collective enterprises since the 16th century, is no longer sustainable. We are called to seek in the encounter with the other the path to self-fulfilment.

UP for Humanness aims to engage in social action for the most vulnerable people, and to work with them to develop, beyond exclusions, new practices and policies that contribute to the construction of a more humane society.

With the help of our network, we have defined appropriate objectives to support actors and future actors in understanding and living their responsibilities. We tested a flexible and innovative method from reality: to serve, to be inspired, to search.