What is the purpose of your donations?

UP for Humanness is funded in large part by donations from individuals who share our convictions. Your financial support is the guarantee of our independence, our freedom of speech and action: we need you!

The donations we receive from individuals are used primarily to organize:

  • our educational activities (teaching tools, funding for the research and teaching chair),
  • our social actions (support for joint projects between associations, meetings),
  • our research activities.

A portion of your donations is also used to cover UP for Humanness’ operating costs and collection costs.

With your donation, you commit yourself to participate in the development of UP for Humanness and contribute to the future of our world!

Our projectsThanks to your donations, you contribute to the realization of concrete projects by helping to provide UP for Humanness with the necessary resources to achieve this.

  • CaféRencontre7 and its Computer Workshop
  • Sparks
  • UP Employment – together to move forward

Taxation of donations

The UP for Humanness association is recognized as an association of general interest and, as such, is authorized to issue tax receipts for donations it receives.
For individuals: 66% of donations are deductible up to 20% of taxable income (France only).